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The following is a list of all funds currently with the Wamego Community Foundation.  

4th of July Fireworks Fund

Wamego’s July 4th fireworks display is a long-standing tradition. Trained and licensed community pyrotechnic volunteers donate time and energy to plan, order, and shoot the show. This 12 to 15 member group, referred to as the Pyro Crew, routinely volunteers more than 500 hours of personal time to prepare for the annual display. The show consists of more than 25,000 shells and delivers 30 minutes of sky-saturating, heart-pounding action. The show brings loyal visitors from near and far into the community each year to witness the spectacle that has become uniquely Wamego. Major funding for the show comes from a host of grassroots business and individual sponsors. The financial generosity of the community allows this fireworks display to maintain its high-quality standards and remain the crown jewel of Wamego’s annual Independence Day Celebration.  Click here to donate.

Alfred J. Eichman Family Fund

The Alfred J, Eichman family established a fund to carry out the general charitable purposes of the Wamego Community Foundation.  Click here to donate.

J L Karnowski Eichman Charitable Fund - Expendable

Jaque spent the majority of her life in Wamego with her husband, John. They were actually involved in community service and were supporters of growth and development both locally and throughout the state of Kansas. Jaque has chosen to create a donor advised fund through the Wamego Community Foundation in order to continue this support with an emphasis in Wamego and Manhattan projects. Click here to donate.

Bank of the Flint Hills Employee Advised Fund

Employees at First National Bank, Wamego, established the FNB Employee Donor Advised fund in April 2010. As an endowed fund, the principal will remain in the fund forever, while additional contributions to the fund and interest earnings will be available for the employees to make grants to local charitable purposes.

The fund allows FNB employees to collectively support the community in ways that they could not do individually. By combining the gifts from all the employees, they are able to create a significant amount of dollars each month that can be directed toward charitable causes in the communities FNB serves. 

Boy Scout Troop 92 Fund

Boy Scout Troop 92 prepares young men in the Wamego community and surrounding area to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Community Health Ministry Fund

The Community Health Ministry, located in Wamego, Kansas, serves as a central hub for the Wamego community and serves all of Pottawatomie and Wabaunsee counties.  The fund will assist in providing medical and dental clinics, family counseling, and prescription medical assistance.  To learn more about Community Health Ministry, click here:    Click here to donate.

Courage to Teach and Lead Fund

The Courage to Teach and Lead Fund was established in August, 2012 to foster personal and professional renewal for educators through retreats and programs that offer the time and space to reflect on life and work. This fund will support renewal work with PreK-12 teachers and leaders in the USD 320 school district in the effort to strengthen and revitalize educators' passion and dedication to the profession. The fund will make possible opportunities to help educators rediscover their identity and integrity, providing them with both personal and professional development that will help sustain them in their professions. These opportunities will include retreats and workshops that are designed to help educators reflect on the inner dimensions of teaching and leading and to increase their capacity to listen to self and others more deeply. Participants join with fellow educators to engage in honest self-reflection and explore questions about purpose, values, and commitment to their challenging work, using the Circle of Trust approach. The Courage to Teach© and Lead retreats and workshops will be designed and led by skilled facilitators who have been formally trained through the Center for Courage and Renewal. For additional information about this fund and/or the opportunities provided please contact Mary Kaye Siebert,   Click here to donate.

Edna Mae Peddicord Charitable Trust Fund

Edna Mae Peddicord and her husband, Robert, moved to Wamego in 1954.  They were always strong supporters of Wamego and very proud of their community.  As part of her estate planning, Edna Mae created a donor advised fund through the Wamego Community Foundation which will be used to support, improve and fund a wide variety of needs identified in the community.

Family Life Education Center, Inc. Fund

Created initially to respond to the family needs within our community, the Family Life Education Center has established a fund within the Foundation that will help pay for worthwhile programs and training sessions for local families, such as car seat safety check points, infant wellness programs, and many more.  Click here to donate.

Friends of the Park Endowment Fund

The same citizens who saw a need for playground equipment in the park also saw a need for a fund that would maintain the upkeep of that equipment within the city park. The Endowed Fund was established to ensure that those maintenance needs will be met throughout the years to come. The earnings from this fund will go toward the upkeep of the city park and its equipment in the future.  Click here to donate.

Friends of the Park Equipment Fund

Realizing that our city park is a focal point for this community, a group of concerned citizens formed the Friends of the Park organization and established a fund within Wamego Community Foundation to finance the replacement of much needed playground equipment and amenities in the city park. This fund is used to purchase such things as playground equipment, decorative brick for walkways in the park, and many other equipment items.  Click here to donate.

Leadership Children's Fund

In November 2005, with a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, the Leadership Wamego Children's Fund was established. Wamego Community Foundation will soon be initiating its first Leadership Wamego program class focused on improving the health and well-being of children living in the area served by the program.  Click here to donate.

Leadership Wamego Fund

Also established in November 2005 with a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, the fund will help supplement costs associated with the new Leadership Wamego program, which the Wamego Community Foundation plans to rollout in 2009. Click here to donate.

Lew Schumacher Fishing Clinc Fund

Lewis "Lew" Schumacher (1921-2009) was born and grew up in the Wamego area. He spent eight years in the U.S. Navy and, following his discharge, he and his wife, Pat, returned to Wamego, where he worked in the Wamego Post Office until his retirement. He was an avid fisherman and loved nothing more than teaching his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren how to fish.

After Lew's passing, his family established the Lew Schumacher Memorial Youth Fishing Clinic Fund with the Wamego Community Foundation, which will provide funds so that children can experience the joy of catching a fish at the well-stocked pond in Wamego City Park. The fishing clinic will provide each participating child with a rod and reel and the basics of fishing.

When: April 26, 2014 
Where: Wamego City Park Pond
Time: 9am - 10am — Fishing Educational Clinic--learning the basics
          10am -11:30am — Fishing
Fee: Free! Each child will also receive a free rod and reel. 
Age: 6-18 year olds

Sponsored in part by the Wamego Recreation Department and Kansas Wildlife and Parks. For more information, click here, contact the Wamego Recreation Department at 785-456-8810 or

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Running for Others Fund

Running for Others Fund is a local organization whose purpose is to offer support and encouragement to local moms by offering regular activities for moms and kids to socialize together.  The activities are varied and include playgroups, potlucks, field trips, and moms' nights outs.  We believe in giving back to our community through projects such as Running for Others.  For more information about Moms of Oz, contact Megan Hagedorn or Ebba Robb at  Click here to donate.

Moms of Oz Fund - Running for Others

Running for Others began in 2011 when two moms decided to blend together their love for running with their desire to help and support families in their community dealing with unexpected and difficult circumstances.

When a young father in the community lost his life, race founders sarah Eckstein and Jessica Kueker saw an opportunity to involve the community and make a difference in the life of his family, as well as other families in similar situations.  Thus, Running for Others was formed with the goal of helping a family in need each year.

Our community has shown tremendous support and there have been more than 200 participants in each of the previous three events.  We are anxious to make this year just as successful!  Moms of Oz has chosen Madelyn McCarthy as the beneficiary of this year's run to help provide her and her family funds for future doctor's visits, therapy appointments and continued testing.  We would be honored to have people in our community and surrounding areas join our race to show support for Madelyn and her family.  Please join us this year as we benefit this very special little girl!  Click here for more information about the 2014 race which will be held on April 12, 2014.  Click here to donate.

Outlet Club Fund

The Outlet Club - Opportunity Uniting Teen Leaders to Effect Tomorrow - is a great new service to the Wamego community.  We are a community center focusing on the ages of 12-17, or currently enrolled in 6th-12th grade. We provide after-school educational support, entertainment, and supervised fun with a purpose for the youth in the Wamego area.  Click here to donate.  

Pottawatomie Recycling Committee Fund

In the fall of 2003 a group of concerned citizens representing the communities in Pottawatomie County formed the Pottawatomie Recycling Committee (PRC), a non-profit organization. The mission of the PRC is to raise sufficient funds to pay for the transportation and related expenses of maintaining the fleet of 14 recycling trailers that are placed in Olsburg, Onaga, St. George, St. Marys, Wamego and Westmoreland.

The usage of the trailers is free to all patrons, whether they are citizens of Pottawatomie County or a neighboring county. The Pottawatomie County Administration has budgeted to provide labor to maintain the fleet, man hours to transport the trailers and bale products. This does not include fuel, purchasing the trailers signage, education or managing the trailers which is provided by volunteers. Currently PRC hauls the full commingle trailers (which are not baled) to Howie's Recycling and Trash Service in Manhattan KS in exchange for money with the amount to be determined by the current market value of the commodity.

Since 2003, recycling has increased in the county substantially, allowing PRC to market certain products: newspapers, magazines, cardboard, aluminum cans and chemical jugs. Sale of these products has allowed for the increase in the number of trailers serving the county as well as providing for the purchase of an improved horizontal baler. Baling the above products brings a greater commodity price. In addition to the above recyclable commodities, commingle trailers accept other recyclable products: all paper products such as junk mail and books, plastics 1 -7, steel cans and food and beverage glass. As funds have increased, PRC has added a scholarship to the program as well as environmental educational projects.

Funding comes from three sources: sale of product which covers approximately 65% of the expenses, private and business donations, and grant writing.

The PRC slogan is "Proudly serving the environmental needs of our communities." Our vision includes reaching out to new residents of a rapidly growing county about the availability for recycling in the county and the reasons for recycling and care of the environment.  Click here to donate.

Together Wamego Can Fund

The purpose of the TWC (Together Wamego Can) Club is to enhance and support the community of Wamego. We encourage volunteerism and support for projects in the community. Some of our projects to date have included the Looping System for the Columbian Theatre and support of the library summer reading program.   Click here to donate.

USD 320 Foundation Fund

The USD 320 Foundation Fund was established in November 2009 to raise funds to support and enhance quality education for students, faculty, and staff of USD 320, including but not limited to scholarships, teacher grants, classroom materials and supplies, facility maintenance and improvements, athletics, academic programming, extracurricular activities, technology, professional development, and other educational needs.  Click here to donate.

Walter P. Chrysler House Project Fund

The Wamego Chamber of Commerce created this fund in December 2003 to raise funds for the relocation and current restoration of the birthplace of Walter P. Chrysler. The Chrysler house not only will maintain its historic presence in our town but also will serve as a unique visitor’s center in its new location at the intersection of Hwy 24 and Hwy 99.  Click here to donate.

Wam-Sag-Man Trail Fund

A recreational trail has long been an ambition of many outdoor enthusiasts in Pottawatomie County. Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation established the “Old Military Road Recreational Trail Fund” (later renamed the Wam-Sag-Man Trail Fund) with the Wamego Community Foundation in May 2005. This fund will provide for the creation of a new recreational trail connecting Wamego, St. George, and the Manhattan Linear Trail. The net proceeds from a series of bicycle rallies continue to be placed in this fund, including the March “Cabin Fever Challenge” and the October “Yellow Brick Road Ride” rallies, as well as contributions from private donors and several grants.  Click here to donate.

Wamego Area Veterans Memorial Fund

Upon completion of the fund raising of $250,000, construction will begin on the Wamego Area Veteran's Memorial. Target date for completion is spring of 2016 and the location is the Wamego City Park just east of the Rose Garden. The Memorial is for all wars, WWI to present. The names of the fallen of each war will be listed on the side walls of the memorial.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated and needed to construct this memorial. For more information about the project, click here

Click here to donate.


Wamego Area Youth Golf Foundation Fund

The mission of the Wamego Area Youth Golf Foundation is to introduce all youth to the game of golf, provide fundamental instruction, support youth golf programs and have FUN!!!  To contribute to this fund click here.  More information can be found at  

Wamego Athletic Sports Boosters Fund

The Wamego Athletic Booster Club supports athletics at Wamego High School and Wamego Middle School through financial gifts and as a catalyst for community involvement in school athletics. Our members include parents, district faculty and staff, alumni, and friends. In addition to donations made through the Wamego Community Foundation, the booster club raises funds through memberships, fundraising activities, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. Monies raised are directed into all school athletic programs for equipment purchases beyond what the school’s athletic budget provides; scholarship awards to graduating student-athletes; and the summer weights program which is open to all students.

Click here to donate.

Wamego City Park Train Enhancement Project Fund

TrainThe miniature train was built in 1947 by Ottaway Amusement Company of Wichita; it was purchased for $5,000 in 1955 by Wamego citizens Neil Balderson and Harold Stewart, who presented the train to the City of Wamego. Located in the City Park, the train has been an integral part of community celebrations and has been enjoyed by generations of children for more than 50 years.

Sadly, the “Tulip Blossom Special” suffered the ravages of time. Studies showed that it was not feasible to repair and maintain the train due to its age, lack of available parts, and safety issues. In July 2007, the “Save the Train Fund” was established (later renamed the "Wamego City Park Train Enhancement Project Fund") to raise funds to preserve and permanently display the train, as well as to build a new electric train. A small group of volunteers raised funds and hundreds of volunteers provided the labor to build a new depot-style shelter house, restrooms, and permanent display area for the original train, which was completed in summer 2009.

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Wamego Community Foundation Administrative Fund

As with any worthwhile organization, Wamego Community Foundation has operating costs associated with its day-to-day operations. To offset these costs, the Administrative Fund was established. Several local businesses and individuals have supported Wamego Community Foundation through contributions to the Administrative Fund. Continued support through this fund is needed and much appreciated.  Click here to donate.

Wamego Community Garden Fund

Comm GardenWamego Community Garden at 1911 Grandview Drive provides direct access to healthy  organic fruits and vegetables.  We work to educate and inspire the community to grow, consume and be good stewards of food plants. 

The garden is open to everyone in the Wamego community to work and harvest on a volunteer basis.  Extra produce is distributed to Community Health Ministry, WIC program, two independent and assisted living facilities and two subsidized housing communities.   

The challenge our garden faces is funding the infrastructure for a drip irrigation system that supports water conservation throughout the 1.5 acre organic garden.  We are in the planning stage of moving sheds, making modifications, planting fruit trees, brambles, asparagus, rhubarb, herbs, a grape arbor and a separate melon patch.

The vegetable plot grew 2,550 pounds of food in 2013.  That is $5,000 worth of healthy “garden-to-table” fresh produce.  The 2014 yield may be 6,000 pounds with the new melon patch. 

Wamego Community Garden is non-profit.  We are partnered with and established under the 501(3)(c) Wamego Community Foundation (  The garden relies entirely on volunteers and donations.  Gifts of cash or materials are tax deductible.  Annual cost of bedding plants and seeds is $110.  Projected cost of orchard plants is $1,700.  Annual maintenance for an established orchard is $500.  

The garden is an investment in the future of our community.  These gardens foster knowledge and education.  Children working in our gardens today will be the stewards of the community tomorrow.  Adult volunteers have an opportunity to share their knowledge, love of plants, and community service with future generations. 

Classes may be offered in root stock growing, grafting, pruning, heirloom seeds, plant guilds, and sustainable living.  Journals at the kiosk (when it is built) will explain growth habits and nutritional values of the plants.  The Journal will contain recipes for various fruits and vegetables, including preservation.  Stay updated with educational notes and seasonal videos on

For more information contact Joan Falley, President, Wamego Community Garden  phone 785-458-2949 or Michael McKee, Vice President,

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Wamego Endowed Fund

This fund was created to fulfill charitable needs in the Wamego community and surrounding area by offering grants to worthwhile non-profit organizations that apply. To be considered for a grant, these organizations must be beneficial to residents of the Wamego community. Click here to donate.

Wamego Fire Department Auxiliary Endowment Fund

This fund was established to provide funds to support the education, training, safety, and health (physical and mental) of the Wamego Fire Fighters and their families.  Click here to donate.

Wamego Public Library Endowment Fund

The library board established this fund to address the needs of the library in future years. The earnings from this endowed fund will be available to the library to help maintain the existing library building and provide long-term solutions to building or operating needs.  Click here to donate.

Wamego Recreation Complex Fund

Recognizing the need for a fully-equipped recreation complex within our community to benefit all area residents, the City of Wamego established this fund to provide a means by which local residents could give to make this a reality. The fund helped build a state-of-the-art recreation complex, complete with baseball, softball, and soccer fields, and will continue to provide for other recreational needs within the community.  Click here to donate.

Wamego River Access Fund

The Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation created this fund in 2005 with an initial donation of $500. Money donated to this fund helped with the construction and maintenance of a new public boat and canoe landing near the Highway 99 bridge in Wamego on the Kansas River. The landing consists of a convenient ramp to launch and retrieve boats and canoes and also features a pleasant picnic area with tables, restrooms, and parking.

Boy Scouts, canoeists, kayakers, fishermen, and hunters are among the increasing numbers of people using the Kansas River for year-round recreation. The long term plan is for the Kansas River to become more accessible from Junction City to the Missouri River at Kansas City. A new river access landing was built by the community of St. George in 2004, and others are working to build new landings further down river. As time progresses, it is hoped that there will be a public access river landing every five to 10 miles along the Kansas River.  Click here to donate.

We Are Wamego

"Alone we can do so little, TOGETHER we can do so much."  --Helen Keller

Several local businesses are participating in the We Are Wamego campaign by allowing their employees to donate to the Wamego Community Foundation and/or the Wamego Hospital Foundation by electing payroll deductions.  The donations will be invested by the two Foundations to meet needs in health initiatives and community projects such as:  patient care at Wamego Health Center, scholarships to high school seniors, Wamego High School Sports Medicine Clinic, Community Health Ministries, Wamego Community Gardens, Veterans Memorial, Honor Flight, Wamego 4th of July Fireworks, Pottawatomie County Humane Society, and many more.

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